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The ShaH family of industrial Shack-Hartman wavefront sensors is intended for a wide range of applications including fast and precise quality control of optical elements, airflow analysis, measurement of laser beam parameters, etc. The flexible design of the ShaH system allows optimizing the sensor parameters for a particular application. An advantageous feature of the device is the use of high-quality telescopes. This allows minimizing the influence of the angle of incidence of the analyzed beam on the instrumental function of the sensor. A special high-precision algorithm for locating hartmannogramm spots centers provides high accuracy of measurements even in difficult viewing conditions. Details



The "Multispot" family of aberroscopes is intended for automatic measurement of the overall aberrations of the human eye. The device contains a scanning IR laser system providing high accuracy of measurements and absolute safety of the procedure for the patient. Fast sampling (from 12 to 60 ms per measurement) and significant length of measurement series (up to 600 frames) permit allocating statistically significant aberrations. The device can be used for adaptive selection of glasses and contact lenses, for objective data accumulation for refractive surgery, as well as for other clinical studies. Details



This video cameras can be used in machine vision and image digitizing systems, in various scientific equipment intended for obtaining high-quality B/W images. Details



The U-Flex family of unimorph deformable Mirrors is designed to be applied in medical imaging, laser beam control and shaping, optical communications, and astronomy. The deformable Mirror is constructed of one thin plate of piezoelectric material coupled with a substrate plate. The Mirror is capable of forming complex surface patterns, the shape of which is computer-controlled and well suited for compensation of low order aberrations (up to 4th order of Zernike). Details



The LS-FC-1 laser sources provided with a unimodal fiber output are intended for calibrating wavefront sensors and also can be used when building adaptive optical systems. Details



ShaH-IOL tester provides fast and accurate quality control of intraocular lenses (IOL) with a spherical, aspheric, toric, or complex surface. Details



These electronic units are intended for controlling piezoceramic adaptive mirrors, linear piezo actuators, and other devices that use the inverse piezoelectric effect. The unit is computer-controlled through the USB interface and allows forming the required time profile of operating voltage with a modulation depth of 300 V in each channel independently. The control frequency is 1 kHz. Details